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Built To Sustain The Most Comprehensive Humanity-Based Ecosystem on Ethereum featuring Dynamic Tokenomic Models, Leading-Class Cultivation Algorithms, & Decentralized Network Autonomy (DNA).

Humanity-Driven. Inflationary Tokenomics. Fair Launch.

There is a long-standing belief that 1 BTC will always be worth 1 BTC but is 1 human always worth one human? Human life is unique and inherently influenced by social status, greed among other factors. 1 BTC is never in competition with another to assert itself as more valuable than the next, yet all too often humans see finances as the ultimate proving ground for ones worth.


the future of blockchain finance

The legacy banking system and governments have failed us as a species. Wars, poverty and corruption all have their roots in these systems. We will replace them with a fair trust-less blockchain system. No more middle men taking huge fees You have a voice directly in decision making Available to everyone equally

The Future of Blockchain Technology

Do you ever feel insignificant in a world inhabited by 7.8 billion other people? Have you ever wondered what you could achieve if you had the resources of a million people? The human reserve has tokenized the human life enabling you to harness the power of humans like never before. The total monetary supply worldwide is approximately $5,000,000,000,000,000 (5 quadrillion). If wealth was distributed evenly among the population inclusive of assets that would put each human life valued at $641,025. A significant sum under an idealised environment, however real-world distribution is not reflective of this. The human reserve is your chance to make changes to the tokenised world on a much larger scale. In the real-world sense, a high-net-worth human has more opportunities in life

Meet Our Team

We must ask what are the limitations of a human? Time and resources are high on the list. What if you could experience the ability to feel the accomplishments of 1 million people. With the human reserve the population is your limit, with your humans will you prosper by building infrastructure (purchase of digitally scarce land in the form of countries/landmasses), playing games to earn more Humans, provide agriculture (yield farming), will you fill your philanthropy needs and donate your humans to community projects within the Human Reserve ecosystem (donation). Or will you simply hold with the knowledge that you pseudo control a percentage of the worlds population.

Human Reserve Cultivation Blocks

How does the cultivation block sale work?

Human Reserve will be launching our official cultivation block sale, similar to the likes of Bored Ape Yacht Club, Pavia, and others. With specifically delegated lands developed, created & verified by the Human Reserve Ecosystem to tokenize Meta-Cultivation Parcels; allowing owners to buy, sell, and trade, within the HRE (Human Reserve Ecosystem) in real time.

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